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Ogone-help needed

Any Ogone experts in da house? Can't figure out why the default FoxyCart/Ogone test account works nicely, while my own testaccount produces an error > a landing page without price and merchant info. I used the info on Ogone wiki page. Ogone uses a slightly different setup screen now, so that could be the culprit.
  • winstonwinston FoxyCart Team
    @t12, you mean that they use a slightly different test screen than the one linked in the wiki?

    If you could whisper me the steps you've taken to get set up, I'll see what we can figure out.
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2013
    Hello @t12.

    Please make sure your hash algorithm is SHA-512.
    I've contacted Ogone support and they're saying that you use SHA-1.

    As of the wrong landing page, thank you for the catch. It was a bug and the fix will be pushed live soon.
  • t12t12 Member
    @evg Will do. Doesn't make a difference in regard to the error I was getting though. Hope the landing page will fix things....
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    Doesn't make a difference in regard to the error I was getting though.

    @t12, why?

    This is what their support reported: there's an “unknown order/1/s/”-error, meaning that the SHA signature sent by the merchant is different than the one we are expecting.
  • t12t12 Member
    I don't know. I changed the hash algorithm to SHA-512 and I'm still getting the error. I checked both Live and Test servers settings, doesn't make any difference. Maybe the “unknown order/1/s/”-error is only one part of the error....
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    To further readers: The issue has been fixed.

    Thanks to @t12 for the catch and for his patience.
  • t12t12 Member
    edited February 2015
    Hi @evg,

    It's me again, with some more Ogone troubles with another store. The price and buyer-info is not send to the Ogone page. See screenshot. Any idea what the cause may be?
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