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I am out of stock of most items- how can I easily stop/disable some transactions?

synchronicitysynchronicity Member
in Help edited October 2013
Hello all,

Things are going pretty well for vertebrae, but I am out of stock & it will take 2-3 months for to get back fully restocked (big investment + manufacturing delay).

I'm wondering whether it is possible to organise a pre-order system, not necessarily taking payment, just make a waiting list. So that when we are back & ready to go, we can continue to process orders again.

What would you suggest in this case? I don't feel right continuing to process orders if they are on a 2 month backorder... there has already been one paypal dispute because of this, which is almost resolved.

Is it possible to stop all orders for example for 2-3 months on the dashboard? Would I still need to pay the foxycart subscription fee during this time? (this is the least of my worries really)
  • winstonwinston FoxyCart Team
    Hey @synchronicity

    So there's a couple ways to do that. If you just wanted to stop orders, the simplest way is to hide your add to cart button and replace it with a "coming soon" placeholder.

    If you wanted to take preorders, you'd need to change teh product to be a future-dated, non-recurring subscription. Say you expect products to be in stock in 3 months - you'd just date the subscription to start in 3 months. The customer's card will not be charged until then. You have the ability to update the charge date in the Subscriptions tab in your FoxyCart admin, in case products arrive sooner or later.

    You can also hide fields as needed so that the customer thinks its a preorder and doesn't see anything about "subscription" that might mislead them.

    There's a lot more info about subscriptions here:
  • Great!
    That should do the trick nicely.
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