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Foxyshop Conditional Cateory Title

yoayoa Member
in General edited October 2013


Im using foxyshop and on foxyshop_single-category.php

On line 26, I added the word "Organic" so that it would display that word berore all the category titles on the category pages.. and it worked well except on a couple of the category pages.. I would like to "NOT" have the word Organic before the category title.


Here is what the line in question looked like originally
//Write Category Title
echo '<h1 id="foxyshop_category_title">' . str_replace("_","",$currentCategoryName) . '</h1>'."\n";

Here is what it looked like after i added the word organic ..

//Write Category Title
echo '<h1 id="foxyshop_category_title"> Organic ' . str_replace("_","",$currentCategoryName) . '</h1>'."\n";

So my question is, How can the line above be written so that its conditional or only for certain category page titles? I have one or two categorys that i need to "not" have the prefix of organic in the title names.

Thanks in advance,
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    @Yoa, I think this just comes down to a bit of PHP creativity. Maybe something like this?
    $blacklisted_page_titles = array("Cat 1", "Cat 2");
    if (in_array($currentCategoryName, $blacklisted_page_titles)) {
    	$organic_title = "";
    } else {
    	$organic_title = "Organic ";
    echo '<h1 id="foxyshop_category_title"> ' . $organic_title . str_replace("_","",$currentCategoryName) . '</h1>'."\n";

    *I didn't test this so I may have made some dreadful syntax error - but this will give you an idea of what I had in mind*
  • yoayoa Member
    Sparkweb! Thanks so much!!! It works great!

    I just recently started documenting all the foxyshop tidbits that have worked for me a surely this will get added to the list.

    Thanks again, your a gem!

    Best Regard,
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