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handling fee domestic vs international

gl330kgl330k Member
in Help edited December 2008
Hey all

I'm wondering how I can get handling fee of 10% applied to orders shipped to the US and a handling fee of 20% for orders shipped to any other country.

Was looking at this code

Not sure if this can work or if I need to use something so complicated.

Basically the customer doesn't use any particular shipping method but wraps the shipping and handling cost all up in this percentage for domesitc vs international.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    This will hopefully be part of SuperShip. Please vote for it here:

    I have a site I'm going to be helping a friend with that needs something similar to this... and we'll probably just do it with JavaScript. SuperShip (and SuperTax, which we're working on right now) will be SO much more flexible than what we have now.

    Thanks for your patience.
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