A "custom" order?

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I'm very interested in signing up, but I have one requirement that must be met.

Our company sells software that we create. 99% of the time, the customer can make a traditional order. But sometimes the customer needs to "type" in what they want, and then type in the price (which we tell them ahead of time).


Is such a thing possible with Foxycart?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited December 2008
    Absolutely. We have plenty of sites that use FoxyCart to take donations. It's as simple as creating an input field called price on your form. The great thing about FoxyCart is that your account is completely free until you're ready to go live and want to use a live payment gateway. Go ahead and create a store and an account and give it a try. The screencasts we have on our wiki (along with a new one over at css-tricks.com) might help as well.
  • Thanks! I signed up for the trial, and this works great.
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