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Hello, I have several question I'd like to get clarification on.

1) Is the "Sign-up" error message customizable? I ask because in the situation I'm looking at there will be the possibility of the sites community members making purchases. If they are logged into the site already, but have yet to purchase thru Foxycart, they will have to establish an account. The confusion though, with this precess, is that if the user is already logged into the main site,
they will get an "error message" from Foxycart telling them "no account found" (not sure that's the exact language). If that message could be tuned to something like "Please establish a purchase account" or "Please enter your email to establish purchase privileges" I think there would be less confusion.

2) During checkout, at completion, how many redirect options are available. Is it simply one location? OR, it is possible, to provide a secondary redirect location?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
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    Both of the things you describe can be accomplished with some JQuery coding in your checkout template. The error may even be part of the "language" customization features in the admin.

    There's also a project called FoxyBack you might want to look into that would help you integrate your users directly. Along with that, you could use this method to make the checkout more seamless: (though each transaction would come through as a unique customer). The XML Datafeed ( will also be useful in syncing your customer data if you want to go that route (we even include hashed customer passwords).

    What CMS are you currently using? We're big fans of MODx (which is what FoxyBack integrates with) and also Expression Engine and HCC's FoxEE product (

    Brett might chime in as well as he's got a lot more experience synchronizing various systems and customer data via FoxyCart. We're built to integrate and in the future we plan to have a full API for keeping your data consistent. We hate duplicated data and avoid it where ever possible.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Just to chime in:
    - The "account not found" is definitely configurable in the language section. (It's still relatively new even to us, so we have to check sometimes ;)

    - To send to specific places from the receipt you could add a hardcoded link to a specific page(s) in your receipt template, or you could use the JSON to detect what was in their cart and redirect appropriately based on the cart contents. Or you could just use the default behavior which sends users back to the first page they hit FoxyCart from, which works for most people.

    FoxEE and FoxyBack both handle user synching in different but similar ways. If you're using something else let us know and I'll describe the best way (in our opinion) to accomplish this for the time being. (We'll eventually have a user API, and we _may_ have shared authentication if we can get it secure enough (though it will probably require the custom subdomain), but in the meantime you can still get things fairly solid.)
  • Hi guys!

    hothousegraphix is trying to help me out on this project...i posted this in the FoxEE thread on EE's forums, but i'll paste it here for you:

    I’m a bit thick-headed, so if you could help me understand the membership portion of this a bit better…

    First a bit of background…my site will be a community site where people submit t-shirt designs that will be voted and commented on. You have to be a member (i.e. you have to have created an account on my EE site) in order to submit a design, vote, leave comments, etc. Being a member also allows you to upload a profile picture, “avatar” thumbnail, personal info, etc.

    Every week a winner is picked and that shirt goes on sale. A “user” (member or non-member) can then add a shirt to their cart and purchase it…hopefully via FoxEE and Foxycart.

    Ok now that the background part is out of the way, here’s what I need clarity on.

    Scenario 1:
    Brand new user comes to my site and says “hey i want to buy a shirt”...they add one to the cart, get to the foxycart checkout, and they enter an email address and password and buy the shirt. At this point, am I reading correctly that a membership account to my site will automatically be created? If so, how would I communicate to the new member that this is the case, and that they can log in to upload a profile pic etc etc?

    Scenario 2:
    An existing member comes to my site, logs in, and then decides to buy a shirt. They get to the foxycart checkout, and it asks for their email address. “Hmm that’s strange, I’m already logged in, but whatever i’ll log in again”...they enter their email address and FoxyCart says ACCOUNT NOT FOUND! They say “What the heck, I already have an account” and more than likely stop the purchase and *maybe* contact me to file a bug report.

    Scenario 2a:
    Just like 2, but they say “meh whatever” and enter the same email address and password as their existing EE account. The purchase is made, but does FoxyCart try to update their EE account with the same email/password?

    Scenario 2b:
    Same thing but they enter a DIFFERENT email address and/or password…what happens then? If they entered a different email address, would they then be given a second EE account? If they entered a different password, would FoxyCart try to override their EE account info?

    Maybe I’m using EE in a way that’s different than most everyone else, but I doubt it. Please help clarify how the account integration works between the two, and/or what steps I could take to avoid the potential pitfalls noted above.

    (Note: forgive me if the post sounds heated at all…I’m just passionate about looking for the right solution for my community)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, I saw that post over there and assumed this was related. I'm honestly not super familiar with exactly how FoxEE handles it, but I do believe that it's fairly seamless. Scenario 2b may be a problem, though you could conceivably work around that with a hidden session variable passed to FoxyCart, then grab it in the JSON on the checkout and force the customer to enter that specific email address. I think Mike will probably follow up on the specifics of what FoxEE's currently doing over in the EE thread, but if you need additional help just let us know.
  • as a short term exactly does that "one time use" function work that bypasses the password requirement? could i just enable that for now and not require folks to create a foxycart account in order to purchase something? Is there a demo or sample site of that I could see?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    It should work fine if you're not doing subscriptions:
    It just allows you to pass in data to prepopulate the checkout page with, which makes the customer a "one time use" customer. It doesn't ask for a password, and if they return to buy something in the future they won't be recognized or asked for a password.

    Though to be honest I think using FoxEE's built in handling, and passing in a hidden session variable for the user's email address, then forcing that email address to be used would probably be a better solution.

    Either way would work though, just depends on what you need. Though if you do the prepopulating solution you probably want to make sure FoxEE doesn't attempt to process those transactions and create users, as that might get awkward.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    As far as a demo site, go ahead and signup to create one for yourself. It's a very simple process that takes little time and we don't charge you a penny until you're ready to go live with a live payment gateway. Even if you don't end up using the demo site for this project, we've had a lot of developers that end up coming back to us for multiple stores.
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