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Downloadable Attached to Purchased Product

kscotbarrkscotbarr Member
in Help edited October 2013
I've got a client who wants to make a downloadable study guide available to anyone who purchases the hard copy of the book. Is there any way I can configure this in Foxycart?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you'd like ot do that natively within FoxyCart, you'd need to add the downloadable product along with the deliverable product - so two products to the cart at once. If you'd like to force people to only be allowed to have the downloadable study guide in the cart when the hard copy is there, we have a snippet here that can help:

    One other option would be to add the hard copy to its own category in FoxyCart, and use category emails to send a link to the customer to allow them to get a download copy of the study guide as a link in that email. That would only be sent to the customer if they successfully purchased the physical product.
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