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PayPal Issue

Johnny4BJohnny4B Member
in Help edited November 2013

We are having an issue with a clients website in relation to PayPal payments.

We don't have Paypal available on the Cart, the client must go to the checkout, from there they can choose to pay with PayPal.

We have specific products which are set up to take a Handling fee, and other set up to charge a Delivery charge

If the customer buys a product that has a delivery charge associated with it, if they checkout with PayPal it applies delivery charge as expected.

But if the customer buys a product (happen to be training courses) that have a handling fee associated with it, when they use PayPal, the handling fee is not applied even though it shows up within the checkout page and shows up in the order total within shipping and total charge.

Can anyone offer an insight please ?

Where can we debug, is there some back-end issue we need to resolve.

This is quite urgent as the store is live and the client is as I write this undercharging customers if they use PayPal


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Could you confirm what store this is for please? Feel free to whisper if you'd prefer to keep it private.
  • Jees Adam, apologies for the delay in coming back, we found the issue, it was a snippet overriding back end settings, granted it was doing what it was supposed to do, we just didn't realise

    We do love FC, but when there are issues it can be quite difficult to trouble shoot ...

    Is there any mods coming with the core engine of FC soon, mods are great but I lose track of what mods do and what ones we are using at times


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We definitely hear you there. The most common snippets relate to shipping, and we're currently rebuilding our shipping functionality to allow those snippets to be set up natively within the administration - which will remove the need for the vast majority of snippets on FoxyCart stores.
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