Is Foxy Cart Support payment to multiple recipient in single transaction?

akparsharakparshar Member
in Help edited November 2013
Its shopping website.
For example user 1 registered in my website upload a digital item for 10$ and User 2 buy this product .Now 18 % of 10$ goes to admin and rest goes to user 1.So here payment goes to two person at same time one is admin and second is user 1.
So Is foxy Cart support payment to multiple recipient in one transaction then send me source code or API for this .

Thanks For Help
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Currently we don't support that natively in FoxyCart, only one payment gateway can be selected per transaction, and all of the order total is transferred to the bank account attached to that payment gateway. You would need to manually transfer funds to the user.

    One option would be to use an affiliate system to keep track of what users are owed what money based on the sales of their products - that could be a great work around to create that type of system.
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