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I'm trying to add info per product into my database. It was working fine until I tried to add <shipto> info as well (working on a multiship store). For some reason It's not working at all (it's not entering anything into the database). Here's the piece of code that's assigning the variable..

foreach ($transaction->transaction_details->transaction_detail as $product) {
$productName = $product->product_name;
$productQuantity = $product->product_quantity;
$productPrice = $product->product_price;
$productShipto = $product->shipto;

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you print out $product->shipto at that point, does it have anything within it there? Also - could you confirm which store this is for?
  • Ah sorry, it was outputting correctly. I had not passed it onto my MYSQL query as a string so that was causing the error.

    Thanks! :)
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