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hi there,
My customer wishes the "continue shopping" button next to the "update" and "proceed to checkout" buttons.
How can I achieve this?

If this is not possible: could I change the text of the "close/esc" to something in german?

  • hi stefan -

    the layout of the cart is completely customizable through the cart's stylesheet (CSS). The easiest way would be to modify the existing CSS from the foxycart standard template. You could then replace buttons with your own images.

    In the foxycart admin, go to TEMPLATES>>CART then load up the standard template. From there you can edit the code to tweak it like you need it to be. I'd watch this screencast to see how you can do this: http://wiki.foxycart.com/screencasts:customizing_your_checkout

    This screencast is for the checkout, but the concept is the same.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for chiming in chrisL.
    Also worth noting: You can change any and all of the language in the FC admin as well, so you could definitely change it to German.

    As far as making the "continue shopping" next to the others, it's a little tricky because of how the cart works. It's (typically) an iframe loaded from a separate domain, so you'd need the "continue shopping" link to send a command to the parent frame to tell it to close the thickbox. Cross-domain stuff like that is always iffy. I think I played with it a while back, but I don't recall if I got it working or not. If you want to pursue that let me know and I'll see if I can dig it up.
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