DataFeed Failed: (163586441) No data returned for ... [403]

fueljonyfueljony Member
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I'm running into a strange issue with my datafeed, everything has been running smoothly until today, I noticed that one of my transaction's datafeed wasn't processed so I tried to re-feed it, however I wasn't able to get it to work, I kept getting a "No data returned" on the error log, after a lot of debugging on my script I tried to re-feed another transaction and everything worked (with the original script), but when I tried to re-feed this one (163586441) it said again that "No data returned", I even tried to 'die("error");' at the very top of my script and it would still say "No data returned". I hope you guys can take a look at it.

Thanks for the help.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk

    The usual suspects here are:
    -Error Reporting Got Turned Off

    Can you try making a totally fresh file at just says die("error"); so that you can be sure it isn't caching?
  • fredfred FoxyCart Team
    Hi @fueljony,

    I see that your script is returning a 403 ("access denied") response code. Is that something from your datafeed script or possibly something from your web server / .htaccess settings? If you're running on a shared host, they oftentimes do extra filtering as well that returns a 403 response.
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