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Checkout template missing bg images

johnb41johnb41 Member
in Help edited December 2008
I've been working with this for over 5 hours now and am about to go nuts. Why isn't the background images (from my CSS file) showing up in the checkout?

Here's the template file that AutoMagiCache is using:

You can see that all the background images are showing up.

But look at the checkout: (click on Add to Cart, and check out)

Almost all the background images are gone. I say "almost" because strangely, the footer image (very subtle image with striped line) actually does show up.

All the images do reside in the proper folder on the server.

When i use Firefox Web Developer Toolbar, and I edit the CSS, I still can't get the images to show up no matter what I do. But if i replace an image with "footer.gif", then the footer image displays. Strange. Why would only that image display?

I must be missing something very basic here. Please help!

  • I think i fixed it. I cleared the "image cache", and that seemed to have done it. One image isn't behaving, but I can take care of that.

    Mods, feel free to delete this thread! :)

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Glad you got it going. There are others that might find hope through your struggle and subsequent victory so we like to keep problems and solutions around for others to discover.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Definitely odd. Do you see any patterns in what works and what doesn't? We've had issues with a single image here or there randomly not behaving, but we've never really isolated the issue. (I think PNG-24 images don't work all that well, but things were strangely not duplicable last I checked.)
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