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Subscription plus Setup fee - How?

iseemiseem Member
in Help edited December 2008

I want to use foxycart for a subscription service where the first month's fee is different than the recurring fee, e.g. $50 for the first month and then $10 recurring each month thereafter. Another way to think about it is as a subscription service with a 1 time setup fee, but where the first subscription payment is billed 1 month after they signup. Any ideas on how I should handle this?

- i

(p.s. the preview function on the forum is throwing a php error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare discussionprefix() (previously declared in /home/forumfo/public_html/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php:21) in /home/forumfo/public_html/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php on line 24
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, the forum has been tossing that error since we upgraded it.

    As for your question, if it was me, I would handle it with two separate products added to the cart at the same time. A $50 setup fee along with a $20 subscription product with a start date one month in the future. It would take some javascript (or PHP/ASP/etc) on your product change to evaluate the future start date.

    Also, you might want to add some javascript on the cart template to check the JSON cart object to ensure if one product is in the cart (such as the monthly fee) that the setup fee is there as well (or hide the checkout button and/or remove the unmatched product)
  • Yeah, love when those new features kick in after an upgrade.

    Okay, I'll try the 2 product approach. Thanks Luke.
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