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I have been using to test my site and I am running into some problems in ie 8/9. The shipping rates are not showing up so users can get free shipping. It seems like some of the javascript is not working but I cant't do any debugging in the emulator.

I do not have an actual computer running ie8/9 so I'm not sure if it is just the emulator of it there is actually a problem.

My url is and the checkout is
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I believe this is related to a small bug with how our checkout javascript is inserted into the page. It will insert after the last style block or the title tag - whichever is last on the page. In your case, the last thing is a style block - but it's also wrapped in an IE conditional block. Unfortunately our system doesn't currently respect the IE block, so our javascript is being included within that conditional block as well.

    If after your last IE conditional style block you just put a normal CSS block - even if it's empty - that should fix the issue you're having.

    As an aside, a few of your includes that are only included on IE systems are being served over HTTP. You'll need to change them to be HTTPS as well or make sure you cache your template using our caching system.
  • Thanks!

    That fixed it. However in IE both radio buttons for the shipping options are being selected. Do you know what could be causing that?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I just loaded your checkout up in IE9 and I'm not seeing it having both shipping options selected myself.

    That said, try updating this line:
    $("#fc_shipping_methods_inner label input[type='radio']:first").attr("checked", "checked");

    To this:
    $("#fc_shipping_methods_inner label input[type='radio']:first").prop("checked", "checked");
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