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Selling Tickets with FoxyCart

chriscoyierchriscoyier Member
in General edited December 2008

If anyone is interested in selling tickets with FoxyCart, I may have a good solution for you. I've spent some time whipping up a custom CMS (PHP based) for just this purpose.

The demo is very basic, just showing the nuts and bolts of the front end:

Add, edit, and delete shows easily
List view of shows past todays date
Calendar view
Allow shipping/discount codes on tickets based on number of days in advance
Easy to change FoxyCart accounts
Easy to change show types/times/prices

It's probably not something that is ready to just be sold as a ready-to-go package just yet, but if anyone is interested in working with us (my design agency) for a custom solution, we'd be happy to talk with you. Designing custom solutions is our business.

My email:

Cheers ya'll!
  • Ah this is very cool - I could use this on a couple of projects actually - Have you ever worked with MODx Chris?

    As this would be very very cool as a MODx plugin... if not I could probably adapt it to work with MODx and the Kalendar snippet... hmm...
  • Actually no I never have worked with MODx, although I've heard good things. I've worked with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and a few lighter weight CMS's, as well as a slew of eCommerce CMS's.

    The beauty of this little ticket system is that it's completely custom written exclusively for tickets. Extremely tiny and lightweight. Although I do understand sometimes it's nice to just work in functionality to more robust CMS's so you can manage the entire site that way. Fairly easy to do, with how cool and extensible FoxyCart is!
  • @mallmus: you could do this with easyevents (possibly kalendar) by editing the templates ... no plugin necessary ... i am already doing this with modx + easyevents + paypal.
  • johnnyjohnny Member
    Anybody still around to help me try this out
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Are you looking for the original script @chriscoyier posted about or setting up something similar in ModX? It's been a fair while since this discussion was active (almost 3 years ago), but if you email Chris, he might have the script handy to send your way.
  • johnnyjohnny Member
    Im an avid modx user but my goal is a ticket system with or without it.

    i will try to contact him
  • johnnyjohnny Member
    ack his email is not available
  • webmovementllcwebmovementllc Member, Integration Developer, FoxyPress
    I emailed Chris as I was interested in this too and he told me to try and see if they still had anything.
    Just an fyi.
  • johnnyjohnny Member
    Thanks for the help. did you go any further on yours by chance? Im debating on paying for full development from ground up on a system.
  • webmovementllcwebmovementllc Member, Integration Developer, FoxyPress
    I did not yet. We are the developers behind FoxyPress and you could essentially use that for selling items in WordPress. If you want to make the system more robust in terms of selling tickets specifically, that'd be great if you want to collaborate on this. Feel free to email me.
    If you are looking for a solution specific to ModX, I'm afraid we are not developers for this system. I do not have any recommendations on who you could ask either, but I'm sure someone else on the forum could suggest!
    Hope this helps.
  • johnnyjohnny Member
    Thanks for all the suggestions/possible solutions. I like modx because of its flexibility, but have used just about every portal/platform.

    The ticket system Im trying to do is seat specific, allowing client to choose seat even. Not sure if this is possible. Well I guess anything is possible, but just beyond the scope of my abilities.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you're do want some recommendations, we have some recommended developers that we can provide to you that could help you to develop the system.
  • webmovementllcwebmovementllc Member, Integration Developer, FoxyPress
    You are right, anything is possible. If you go the wordpress route, give me a holler, otherwise I'm sure fc_adam will take care of you.
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