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Referral Program

anniescanniesc Member
in Help edited December 2013
1)My client wants to implement a referral program where each referrer has an unique coupon code to pass out to friends. Each time, a new customer makes a purchase with using a code, they get a 10% discount and the referrer (current customer) gets a 10% commission.

What is the best way to implement this with Foxy Cart? I know that unique discount codes can be generated but not sure if it is possible to tie the code to a specific customer/referrer. Is there a way to give the new customer their unique referrer code at checkout?

2) Also, I've been looking at affiliate programs and was wondering if FoxyCart can integrate with

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    1) So it could be possible - but the tricky thing comes with getting a new code to each new customer to use for a referral, and making sure that only new customers are using a code. Essentially for it to work it would require a bit of advanced coding - both within the FoxyCart templates, and also some coding on your side.

    To give you an overview, this is one approach that comes to mind:
    * Firstly, create a coupon for 10% off, creating a stack of unique codes for it.
    * You'd set up an integration with the datafeed and create a database on your side of customers to your store as they order - and for each new customer, assign them one of those coupon codes.
    * Also in the datafeed, you'd send a custom email to the customer giving them that code for them to use.
    * Currently our coupons don't provide a way to only allow a customer to use a code once, but still allow that code be used by other customers - so you'd need to set up some checks on your checkout template that if the particular coupon is present on the cart, that they are also a new customer - if they're a returning customer don't let them checkout with the coupon present.
    * Lastly to track the referrals you'd need to use the datafeed to either track sales for that customer based on the coupon code used, and track the 10% commission yourself, or integrate with an affiliate system and track them that way.

    2) An integration could definitely be developed - it would essentially be a case of adding the curebit code to the receipt, and grabbing the required information about the order to add into the javascript. You could do that either with javascript yourself, or if your store is on 1.0 or greater you can output the javascript using Twig, and get the values for the script from the Twig variables. You can see all the different variables from the receipt template available here:
  • Thank you!

    We decided to go with ReferralCandy. As for testing, can I switch the store back to the test payment gateway? Is there a way to test without taking down the live store?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you're already running a live store, we'd suggest setting up a second store to test with. It's free to have a store in development - so it wouldn't cost you anything to have that second store to test any changes/updates on before rolling them out to your live site.
  • Thanks!
  • markweidner8markweidner8 Member
    edited October 2014
    Thanks for the information about setting up a referral program with foxycart;

    While doing research on starting an referral / affiliate program, I've come by many applications but I did not see anything about ReferralCandy until now. I'll add them to my research list. So far, I've looked at:

    OSI Affiliate Software



    This is my current short list after a lot of research.

    Does anyone have any feedback about these referral solutions? What are the type of features I should be looking for?

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