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Gift Certificate / Voucher

Johnny4BJohnny4B Member
in Help edited December 2013

Back to this problem, its one we are really struggling with.

Currently I think we have 6 -7 clients stores running via FC, its our preferred e-Commerce platform when bidding for work, and believe me there is lots we love about FC, actually there is little we don't like ....

But once again, we are coming back to the same old Gift Certificate issue.

We have a particular website where our client wants to sell gift certificates (not discounts), a certificate / voucher with a monetary value they can purchase at the store and use at a later date, or give someone the voucher code to use , which can be redeemable against any product within the store.

I see threads dating back to early 2009 where you guys are discussing integration of a logical certificate solution ... but yet, there is still no update, or timeline for implementation. (from what I can see)

This is genuinely causing us a little heartache, and ultimately in some cases preventing us from using FC for certain projects.

Do you guys have any work around, any custom script you are working on, or anything we can even look at to try and allow us integrate a working voucher / certificate solution.


Have any of you integrated a working gift voucher solution, are you willing to allow us view your work, or indeed purchase, additionally, has anyone used a 3rd party solution to integrate with FC to allow a working Voucher solution ...

At this stage we really need a solution, if we cant find one it may mean moving at least one of our stores away from FC, which is a whole load of ballache for us .... (and the sad thing is everything else on the store works great, and has done for the guts of a year)



Oh, and a happy festive period to you all .....
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Merry Christmas!

    So first off, we definitely understand your frustrations, and we know that gift certificates are a highly requested feature from the community, and a fairly common one too. Unfortunately there have been other higher priority features we've been working on that needed to be completed before we could work on a native gift certificate set up. At this stage, unfortunately there isn't an ETA we can give you, apart from to say that it is definitely planned functionality, possibly also alongside an expansion of our existing discount/coupon functionality. If you haven't already, we definitely recommend voting for the gift certificate functionality, as that will give you updates on any changes to its integration status:

    In terms of creating gift certificate functionality now - it is possible and some stores have done it. It does require a bit of work on your side and isn't a perfect solution, but it can get the job done.

    So the way it works is you'd essentially be tracking the balance of the customers gift certificate on your side, and then have a stack of coupons set up for the store for different balances. One store who set this kind of thing up used $5 increments (I believe they had a cap of $100 for gift cards). So when a customer enters their gift certificate code, it would query your server to first check if that is a valid code, and if it is automatically add a coupon to their cart for the closest coupon to their balance (whether that be rounding up or down). Using the XML Datafeed, you'd then reduce the balance on your side for their card by the amount they purchase until nothing is left.

    For added security, you could also add some checks to your checkout to ensure that the coupon that a customer has present on their cart matches the amount they have left on their gift card, to ensure someone doesn't get a discount they're not entitled to. A side note to that, if you're querying your own server from a FoxyCart template, the page you're querying needs to be secured by an SSL certificate to ensure secure communications, otherwise some browsers will simply block that request. You could also do this on the Single Sign On script on your server, and if the coupon isn't valid, just automatically remove it from the customers cart.

    It's not a perfect solution, and it's not necessarily an easy solution - but it is something that other stores have done to create a gift certificate solution for their stores.

    I hope that helps!
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