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Very custom email template

johnb41johnb41 Member
in Help edited December 2008
For our software company, when a customer orders a product, we "manually" create a registration/unlock key (string of letters and numbers) and send it to them in an email.

If someone orders after business hours, they have to wait until the next morning to get their key. We'd like to catch up to 2008 and have this be done automatically.

In the "Email Template", is there any way to send a custom "key"? If i have PHP code for creating the custom key, is there any way I can plug it into their email automatically?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi John.
    The best way to make that happen would be to roll your own receipt script. There's the basics of one here:

    That way you can do whatever you'd like. Running code on our servers is obviously a massive security issue, but with the XML you should be able to do just about anything you'd need.
  • Thanks!

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