Bypass customer info in checkout only for certain customers?

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So here's what I have tasked to me:

Customers can go through our store and add items to the cart. That all works famously.

Once they reach the Checkout page, my boss wants to give them the ability to enter their customer ID, at which point all of the customer info and credit card stuff on that page goes away: no need to enter name/address/city/etc. in any of the fields. Also, items in the cart won't show prices, tax, shipping, or totals of any kind on the checkout page, receipt, or emails. Since we retain our customers' payment info in-house, we'll figure all that out on our end.

If they don't enter a customer ID, the customer should have to enter their information and credit card as usual, the cart, receipt and email shows all prices, taxes and totals, etc.

I know I can turn on the Purchase Order option to bypass credit cards, but the form still returns an error if you try to submit it without customer info.

Is there an easy way to say "All clear, take it as is, don't validate anything" upon submission from the checkout page? Or do I have to populate the hidden fields with dummy data and explicitly hide everything that my boss doesn't want to show?

Our url is, though I'm only attempting these changes late at night when customers aren't around.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So currently you'd need to put in dummy data into all the fields that are required - which is currently everything except for the company, address 2 and the phone fields. You'd then need to edit the templates for the receipt and emails to not display that dummy data to your customers if they provide their customer ID and you take that route.

    I'd also strongly suggest setting up a test store and building everything out on there first before you apply it to your live store. That process would want to be very well tested, as it could easily lead to customers not being able to check out at all. It's free to have a development store, so I'd definitely suggest taking that approach with these changes.

    Another option for you, and something more native for FoxyCart, would be to set up a Single Sign On integration with your site and your FoxyCart store. There is an overview of what SSO is here: f but it will effectively allow you to sync login and customer details between your site and FoxyCart. Taking that approach, a customer could log in either on your site, and if a customer doesn't already exist on FoxyCart's side, you could sync that and then automatically log that customer in on the checkout, prepopulating their address details straight away. You could then also set the payment method to purchase order to prevent them from needing to pay anything on the checkout as well.

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