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Tax : one per country ??

timconsidinetimconsidine Member
in Help edited January 2014
Hi. New to Foxycart and basically loving it, but not sure if I have this clear.
Read the docs on tax and searched the forum.
But as i see it, you need one tax per country per category.
I have a store selling physical goods and also digital goods and also events.
These seem to be 3 categories.
Ideally I would want one tax rate for the digital goods for all EU countries.
I can't use global because it is not global, just the EU.
But if I use country basis for the tax, I need one tax code for each EU country.
And possibly one tax code for each country in Rest of World, even though they are nil ... or do I allow that to be blank if no tax due ?

This majorly affects my decision on using Foxycart.
The setup work is quite a lot, but it is the maintenance which worries me.

Any views please?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That's right - you'll need to create a tax for every country that has a tax in your store. So if you just have a tax for EU countries, you'll need to create a tax for each EU country for that tax. Unfortunately you can't currently just say "Tax applies to all EU countries" but that is something we're planning for a future version.

    You don't need to create a tax for countries that you're not taxing.
  • Thank you
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