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Extend Download period for premium fee ?

timconsidinetimconsidine Member
in Help edited January 2014

I will have some downloads, and I am considering adding an option which will allow users to have an extended download validity as a chargeable option.

I can probably use the giftwrap snippet functionality to add the option in the checkout.
Although I would prefer to have it as a listed option, because that gets buried in general shipping and handling.

Main question is how would I extend the validity for that specific user/download, without changing the default periods ?

Any thoughts very welcome
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It depends how you're handling downloadables.
    If you're using our native functionality, a download's validity is something that is hard-coded into the actual downloadable file within the admin. So in order to allow a customer to buy a longer validity to the download time, you would need two copies of each file for the different download times. Then either the customer selects the longer time when choosing a product, or you'd change the product in the cart based on their selection on the checkout.

    If you're doing self-hosted downloadables though, you could set up your own system for managing download validity, and dynamically set that time based on the customers selection on the checkout. You'd basically need to funnel customer download links through a script that checks your database for whether a download is still valid or not based on their initial order. More information on the self hosted downloadables can be seen on our wiki here:
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