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SSL images on FoxyCart's subdomain?

in Help edited December 2008
I sent an email, but I'm going to start it here as a thread so that it may benefit other users starting out. Thanks to all who reply.

I created my first store, which we're hoping to launch tomorrow, and are unsure of the template stuff.

With SSL hosted remotely, we're going to get certificate errors if we link to images in our template outside of your domain.

Where can we upload these within your server or our subdomain space so that the errors for SSL don't occur??

This is super urgent, and we're working all night on this, so the sooner you can reply the better. Love the cart. It's a pleasure to finally get to launch it on one of my sites...exciting!

  • I'm sure an official response will be along shortly with more detail, but...

    foxycart handles this excellently in my opinion: Build and host your cart template so it looks correct, with the template variables included. Then you just give foxy the remote URL to load your cart template from, and it automagically parses in your linked CSS files and caches your images...and then foxycart serves it all up for you, so no SSL issues. And, no uploading images. Just point and shoot, done. :)

    More detail:

    Have fun!
  • Ah hah! So that's what it meant by "caching" the template LOL

    Thanks. I feel like a total retard now. Makes perfect sense.

    The beauty of this is that I can now have the template(s) for them on my server with the PHP includes for nav, etc. Then when they come get it, it's completely static code. Nice.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    AutoMagiCache ftw!
    Thanks for helping out, Tookings. Greatly appreciated.
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