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Zero Dollar Transaction - Collect CC Info

nealsharmonnealsharmon Member
in Help edited January 2014
We would like to allow a customer to checkout for zero dollars but still require them to put in their credit card so that their next purchase is easier. Is this possible with FoxyCart?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Currently with normal products the only way to have customers enter their payment details is to have an amount that they actually need to pay upon checkout. The only instance where a customers payment details are taken for a $0 order is for a subscription, and with an updateinfo call (which you can't do with a product purchase).

    Sorry we don't have a better answer for you!

    Actually - just a quick thought, you could possibly overwrite some checkout values to force payment details to be required. So even though the checkout is $0, they'll enter payment details. This wouldn't be something that we can officially support, and it may cause some funkyness with your gateway - so you'd need to test it pretty thoroughly... but it may be possible - just overwriting some javascript.
  • How could I do it with a subscription?
  • I figured it out with the subscription. Do people always have to put the secuity code in with the saved cc information or is there a way to allow them to order without the security code?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @nealsharmon. In our next release, the CSC field can be configured in the admin (required, optional, hidden). For v1.1 though, you could just hide it with some CSS (and pre-fill it to 000 or something), but the key is to make sure your gateway settings will accept it. (Of course, if we're talking about a $0 transaction or a future subscription, it won't hit the gateway anyway, so you could conditionally prefill and hide the field for those situations. I've just added a ticket to our system to not ask for the CSC if we aren't submitting it to the gateway, so that'll hopefully be resolved in the next release as well.)

    Does that help?

    Also… in case this helps: Currently (v1.1), returning customers aren't asked for the CSC at all (except in the case of SSO, I think, but I could be thinking of an older version). So that's also a partial answer to the "do people always have to put the security code in". And the answer is "no, not always." Generally it's just on the initial purchase.
  • I am using 1.1 and this is on a follow up purchase that I'm asking about.

    That's great news about the next version being able to customize that information.

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