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Level 2 or Level 3 Processing - Purchasing Cards

We are working with a client who currently uses Level 2 processing offline and wants to extend that use online for their B2B customers. I figured if a supported gateway included it, FoxyCart would as well, however I can't find anything in the gateway documentation that specifically addresses Level 2 or Level 3 processing support. More info (as this was new to me) here:

So could FC support Level 2 if a gateway supported it? If so, are there any gateways that FC currently integrates with that they could use? If not, would FC be able to accommodate a Level 2/3 gateway? I believe they are hoping to use Chase Orbital.
  • winstonwinston FoxyCart Team

    We've had another inquiry about this recently and are digging into what it will take to support it - but right now it isn't something we're offering. I'll pass this along to Brett and see if he can give you more of a time-based answer (maybe not, but maybe).
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @billywhite4, like Winston mentioned, this came up recently. I know it can save a solid chunk of money in processing fees, but we have some questions about implementation. Specifically: Do you know exactly how the merchant that want's to use these new fields? To do the level 2 processing, there are an extra few fields on the checkout, and we'd love to get a feel for whether the merchant would want them _always_ displayed _and_ required, or optional? (Ideally we could detect whether it's a purchasing card, but at this point we've been unable to determine if that's a possibility, though tbh we haven't spent much time looking because the other user that asked about this decided they could live without it for the time being.)
  • My understanding is that they will need a Purchase Order and Tax info to be sent to the gateway as separate fields, but haven't gotten explicit confirmation that's ALL they'll need. So hopefully it's not an issue of adding new custom fields, but passing existing fields in a specific way. So far they haven't mentioned PCards being a requirement, but we shall see. Here's the documentation for Chase Orbital's XML API:

    I think page 287 has the details on required v optional fields. I'll follow up with you guys when we know more details.
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