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Discount Price Display and Decimal Rounding

benbanyasbenbanyas Member
in Help edited February 2014

For our store, we offer a dollar amount discount when a quantity of items within a certain category are purchased. On their own, two of these items are $250 and the third is $300. E.g. for 2, we give a $30 discount, 3 a $70 discount, 4 a $120 discount, etc. The totals are all computing correctly.

When it is computed in the cart, instead of showing to total discount, it shows how much is discounted from each item. Is there a way to show the original price, and show the total discount?

Also, where it displays the total price per item, underneath it says how much each one costs, and shows 10+ decimal places. Is there a way to remove the "($foo each)" part altogether, and make sure any time a cost is a decimal it rounds to the dollar (we don't need it to show the decimal).

Our page is here:
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Category and product level discounts apply the discount to the actual products themselves, rather than to the order as a whole. If you're wanting to apply a single discount as a line item in the totals, you'll need to add an actual coupon rather than a product or category discount. You can still set the coupon to only apply to a certain subset of categories, and you can add a coupon automatically as part of an add to cart with a 'coupon=COUPONCODE' parameter.

    In terms of removing the price each part - you certainly can. You could hide it using CSS on your template, or edit the twig template to just not include that part of the template at all.
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