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confirm order button not working

computermccomputermc Member
in Help edited December 2008
I'm using Expression Engine along with FoxEE. I'm also using Paypal web payments pro. I've set up the api permissions and put the paypal primary email address in foxycart admin page. But when I go to check out with a product in the cart the "Confirm Your Order" button doesnt do anything and right above it it says "No Payment Needed". What am I missing?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Can you send us an example url?

    Most likely, there's a javascript error on your page which is shutting down the normal foxycart process. The checkout page currently does a lot with JavaScript so errors there will cause big problems. Use firebug in FireFox for help on what might be going wrong.

    I do use jquery to create the rounded corners on the page, would that conflict with foxycart?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Can you remove the rounded corners and test it quickly?
    Since FoxyCart relies on jQuery, and since we use it in no-conflict mode as $j() instead of $(), sometimes it can actually conflict with itself. Funny conflict with no-conflict mode.
  • I removed the rounded corners and it worked. I think I will just redesign the checkout page with the corners. What if I did need to use jQuery inside my checkout page, are there any tips that you can give to avoid conflicting with foxycart? Thanks for your help!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yes, just use $j and it should work perfectly. That will use the version of JQuery that is already included in the checkout as part of the FoxyCart scripts.
  • I got it to work with the original design by deleting the include to my jquery file. Thanks for your help!
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