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Multiple Custom Flat Rate Shipping Options supported in 1.1?

babblebibbabblebib Member
in Help edited February 2014
I'm having trouble applying the 'Multiple Custom Flat Rate Shipping Options' ( to a new 1.1 store. I'm copying my working JS from an old 1.0 and it is not working on the 1.1 store.

Is the work-around outlined in the wiki page above supposed to work in 1.1? (1.1 is not listed as a supported version).

If not, then how do we do the same thing in 1.1? My goal is simply to have different flat shipping fees for different countries.

My template page is I've not debugged much because i just wanted to check that this customisation is supported in 1.1

  • OK, I got it working - it was my error - I had forgotten to actually add something in the 'customShippingLogic' function, doh!

    So I can confirm that it does indeed work with 1.1 unless you are a dumb ass like me.
  • winstonwinston FoxyCart Team

    thanks for following up with the solution, sorry we weren't able to help faster!
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