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Site from Staging to Launch on same server

in Help edited March 2014
So I'm getting ready over the next few days to launch a staging site using Foxyshop for Wordpress. Once I move the WordPress database and reset all my permalinks, I'm wondering if there is anything in particular I need to do to from the admin area besides change the links under settings. Is there documentation somewhere on moving a foxycart site?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited March 2014

    In terms of the FoxyCart side of things, you'll basically just need to update any setting that includes your URL - this could be on the settings and advanced settings pages, as well as template URL's if you've cached your own custom templates.

    As with any change though, we definitely recommend testing, some more testing, and then a little more testing just to be sure :) Good luck with the launch, we hope it all goes smoothly!
  • perfect, thanks!
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