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New User Q's - jQuery versions, self-hosting & guest checkout

stkstk Member
in General edited March 2014

This is my first forum post. After scouring the internet for a integrated, standards-based shopping-cart, checkout solution, I have landed here. I am looking forward to a pleasant long-term, lasting relationship! I liked the philosophy, site design and information provided on the main site. Kudos.

So ... I signed up and am quite literally - just getting started.

My first two questions pertain to the sample code that was presented quickly upon login.

The site to which I will be adding an online commerce solution is (XHTML-strict standard's built site based on a customized version of an O/S blogging app -

Some questions:

(1) jQuery Versions: The version of the minimized jQuery in the sample code is 1.9.0. We are already utilizing jQuery on the website, but it is an older version - 1.3.2. Is there posted anywhere (searched the forum & doc, but didn't find it - hence my post) a matrix of jQuery version dependencies? (i.e., will FC1.1 run off of 1.3.2 or must we load 1.9.0 and then deal with any/all conflicts with the features that utilize the jQuery (banner slideshow "NivoSlider", video handling "JW Player" & custom-made js for "blown-up" links in the paintball articles)?

And in preparation for immanent upgrade to FC2.0 ... what version of jQuery does THAT use?

(2) Self-hosted <HEAD> files: The three adds to the head file to get FC1.1 up and "running" include a CSS, minimized jQuery and colorbox.js files. I assume that the CSS and JQuery files are fairly static, so it makes more sense for me to download and load those off of the site's webserver (plus I plan on heavily modifying the CSS). What about the colorbox.js - is this static - or are developers constantly making changes/fixes/additions to the scripts (i.e., would there be any/much value in hosting that file locally too?)

(3) JavaScript Disabled: Does FC1.1 still function if a visitor has disabled JavaScript in their browser? (I'm assuming the ans is "no", but would really jump for joy if the answer is "yes").

(4) Guest Checkout: Can a visitor make a purchase without registering. (i.e., is there such a thing as "guest checkout"?)

Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

Scott Kimler
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Welcome! And thanks for your kind words! Hopefully FoxyCart can be a great fit for you.

    1) jQuery

    We recommend using at least the version we specify in the sample code section for your store, as that's the version we've test against. Other versions may work - you can certainly test that and see how you go. There were some breaking changes in jQuery prior to 1.9.0 though, so that may run into some issues. That said though, there is a migration library for newer jQuery's to bring back the older functionality that was removed. Maybe try using our version of jQuery and include the jQuery migrate library as well.

    In terms of 2.0, we're currently running jQuery 1.10.3 - but that may change before launch.

    2) Self-hosted

    Actually, we recommend leaving them pointed to our servers. While we don't make changes regularly, if a need arises and an unknown bug appears, we'll be able to seamlessly patch the files without you needing to do anything. If you're hosting them yourself we won't have any way to know that to let you know about the update.

    When it comes to modifying the CSS - this will probably relate more to the cart, checkout and receipt templates - which doesn't relate to the code included in the sample code section. That said, any modifications to that CSS you can just perform by overwriting it from your own CSS.

    3) No Javascript

    The add to cart will still happen without javascript, but our checkout requires javascript currently in order to complete the checkout. We are investigating supporting a no-js fallback for a future version though, and you can vote for that functionality here:

    4) Guest Checkout

    Definitely, and you can configure if they can just checkout as guest, just with an account, or either - and default to one or the other. More details on that here:
  • stkstk Member
    edited March 2014

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was not aware of the jQuery migrate library, so I learned something new! (I like it when that happens - so thanks!) I will give that a go.

    I have a natural aversion for 3rd party server dependencies and ironically here I have picked FoxyCart (which is a 3rd party hosted solution). LOL. I guess if I'm in for a penny, I'm in for a pound!

    Yes, I will vote for the no-JS fallback (as a developer, I believe web pages should have full functionality for all visitors & then enhanced behaviour for those with JS enabled). A small percentage of our site visitors don't have JS enabled and we like the idea of being able to sell them our products too! :D

    Good @ guest account. (As an online purchaser, I find sites that force one to sign-up for an account - even for a one-off purchase - annoying. Some even force you to get an account before they show you estimated shipping charges. Living in Canada & buying from the U.S. a lot, this is hugely frustrating.)

    Thanks again for your prompt and useful suggestions & answers!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No worries - we're happy to help!
    Some even force you to get an account before they show you estimated shipping charges.

    Our next version - 2.0 - will feature the ability to fetch shipping costs from the cart template as well.
  • stkstk Member
    Good to know @ version feature upgrade! Thanks.

    As a follow-up, I have finally integrated the <HEAD> code into the blog template and migrated the site's jQuery code from jquery-1.3.2.min.js to 1.10.1 (plus migrate-1.2.1).

    I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't notice any JS breaks in the features that depend on JQuery version v1.3.2 (earlier testing showed that functionality is lost at v1.4). Thanks a ton for pointing me to the migrate solution. ;-)

    I pawed around the foxy cart admin pages - only for a cursory look around). Randomly filling in bits for which answers appeared painlessly obvious. (I can tell I have learning curve hill up which I will need to climb!)

    I then added the section 2 sample code and was again impressed with how easy it is to get started. I really like the simple and clean styling on all of the resulting cart pages. Kudos here because some of the other carts I looked at had very clunky GUIs and/or boxy, unstyled interfaces. I am really looking forward to diving in to customize & integrate into the overall site design.

    I'm meeting with the store owner tomorrow and I know he'll be impressed with the deployment.

    Two questions came immediately to mind:

    1) We're already serving secure pages. Are HMAC hashes still recommended for security?

    2) How to add a persistent "checkout + cart total" to every page. (admittedly, I haven't searched for an answer yet, so thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction ... or leaving me to begin my uphill walk).

    Either way, I'm fairly jazzed at what I've seen so far, how well it works and how nicely it's styled.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited April 2014

    Thanks for your kind words - I'm glad you're enjoying your FC experience so far!

    To answer your questions:

    1) Serving secure pages is great, but that doesn't solve the possibility of someone tampering with the add to cart link or form to change prices or attributes. The HMAC add to cart encryption does solve that issue though - so if you're looking for that added security in add to cart tampering, that would be your best bet.

    2) You can indeed - you just need to add some markup and classes to your page, details of that here: under "minicart"

    [edit to add] Also, if you like what we currently have - you'll really like what's coming in 2.0 :) - depending on your timeframe, it may be worth holding off doing too much work on customising the cart, checkout and receipt flow and upgrade to that version when it comes out very soon.
  • stkstk Member

    Thanks for the prompt and informative response.

    1) We'll be ramping up slowly, so will likely rely upon live eye-ball QC for cart manipulations to start, but thanks for the information about still being at risk.

    2) Thanks for pointing me to "minicart". (This is all new lingo for me! LOL) ;)

    Good point at spending much time customizing. I'm sure the $60k question is, "When might one expect a stable 2.0 release?" ... and I have a fair understanding of what's involved in commits, testing, debugging and working with versioning systems, so I don't really expect a firm date. I think I read somewhere that April would be the month, so I know it's immanent.

    We still have some work to do to satisfy the gateway provider (Moneris). (Return policy page, shipping policy - I've got a list things to check off). I'll try to focus more on those and hopefully, I can upgrade to 2.0 before making a lot of work for myself.

    Thanks for the reminder and assistance. I've been very impressed, thus far and very happy with my researched choice.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No worries at all! 2.0 is looking to be towards the end of this month as a guide :)
  • stkstk Member
    edited April 2014

    Good luck with pushing 2.0 out the door!

    I've got both U.S. and Canadian taxes to keep me busy in April anyway. LOL. :p

    Thanks for the guide date, helps a tad with planning. :D
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