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BLUcart - Bootstrap e-Commerce Solution for MODX Revolution & FoxyCart

rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
in General edited November 2014
AugmentBLU are proud to announce the pre-release details of our exceptionally powerful app for MODX Revolution and FoxyCart, BLUcart – a highly flexible shopping cart and e-commerce platform.

BLUcart bridges the huge divide between content management and e-commerce, made possible with two amazing systems; MODX, quite possibly the best all-round Content Management System and Foxycart, arguably the fastest checkout experience available today.

What's coming with BLUcart...
  • Unlimited products, categories and product variables
  • Full Fashion Matrix Inventory
  • Customise templates to your exact needs using MODX chunks & template variables
  • Full FoxyCart API integration
  • Easy to use UI utilising the power of extJS
  • Completely scalable solution for MODX
  • Scalable Global Cloud Hosting available in 6 locations (Rackspace Partner)

If you're interested in BLUcart, please visit our BLUcart app site for full details and screenshots or view our Live Demo

We have our own forums, dedicated for our apps, pre-sales questions and support. Register with us and be part of our community, it's absolutely free to register with us and there's no obligation what so ever to use or purchase our services. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have right here if you prefer not to register with us right away.

We're hoping to launch BLUcart in the coming weeks, register your interest and receive the latest news first and our special launch promotional savings.

Follow us on Twitter (augmentBLU), we'll be releasing updates on BLUcart regularly.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That looks awesome - it's great to have such a solid integration available for ModX now, and we're excited to have a great option to send people to now that enquire!
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    Thanks Adam!

    We've worked real hard to bring BLUcart to life and we have a lot of great ideas to extend it even further. I'm hoping people see that it's a great solution for FoxyCart and MODX that will be fully supported.
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart Fashion Matrix Updates
    Simplified Product Combinations

    Checkout our latest updates to our fashion matrix system.

    View Matrix Updates
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart Form Creation Updates
    Customise FoxyCart Forms With Ease

    Building FoxyCart product forms is now even easier using MODX chunks and TVs, completely customise the look of each form and input to suit your needs.

    Read on
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart – MODX Shopping Documentation
    Bringing Matrix Inventory To MODX & FoxyCart

    Having publicly announced BLUcart, we've been working hard on the first public release and setting up the whole support backbone, including the main BLUcart site, Forums and most recently the documentation.

    Read on
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    We just uploaded a video to YouTube showing how easy it is to add products... it's not the best quality and we will be posting more videos, in HD soon!

    Anyway, hopefully you can see how fast and effective the cart is so far.

    BLUcart Adding Products
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Nice work, @rossco!
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    edited April 2014
    We're showing off some new screenshots of our latest enhancements to BLUcart over the next few days... hope you guys like what you see.

    Discount a specific variation of a product or globally discount all variations


    Revenue Charts - quickly see what your revenue has been over the past months, includes the ability to zoom in to view particular days.


  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    MODX & FoxyCart Data Management
    Extending MODX User Management allows for easy editing of your cutomers, directly in the MODX manager. Make changes to a customer's account that updates both MODX and FoxyCart via the API.

  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    Custom Order Statuses
    Create as many order statuses as you wish, customise each with a specific email template that is sent to your clients and fulfilment team. Email templates allow for placeholders to customise each with a variety of information, such as first & last name, order number, who the order is being shipped and more.

  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    We've been hard at work all week on BLUcart - making things a little prettier and adding some new features.

    Dashboard Layout Update
    We've improved the look and feel of the Dashboard, including some stats and update the recent order view with a grid.

    View Matrix Stock & Pricing Differences Quickly
    This grid shows all items categorised under the ultimate parent directory and shows basic stock levels, pricing - now with enhanced overview of matrix variation stock and price differences.

    Order Information - In Detail
    View all details related to a specific order - quickly update details, set overall order status; supports part-order management.

    Fulfilment Simple Overview
    After an order has successfully been fed from FoxyCart, the order is then ready for fulfilment. Quickly see order fulfilment statuses, including part order statuses, who is to receive each item if multiship is enabled and more.

    Why not manage task reminders within BLUcart? Using a simple to use calendar, add special task reminders, delivery notices or staff notifications.
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart Back-end Demo Launched
    Nearly a year after development started...

  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart Officially BootStrapped
    We've simplified BLUcart themes by integrating Behavior-UI & Bootstrap

    Harnessing the power of Behavior UI, an exceptionally powerful interface driven behavioural markup and the ease of Bootstrap theming - BLUcart customisation is revolutionised.

    We've also upgraded FoxyCart to 2.0 and streamlined the cart process within the site, creating a super-fast cart solution. Using Bootstrap and SASS, customising the actual look of the store is fairly straight forward and won't take too much time at all.

    BLUcart has seen a lot of work on the backend as well.

    Tree Node Refresh
    Refreshing a tree in extJS can be quite resource heavy, on many occasions it's unnecessary to refresh the entire tree - we've enabled each container or product category to be refreshed individually. A massively convenient and useful feature.

    Product Duplication
    We know that when it comes to rolling out multiple products that are relatively similar, it can be a bit of a pain to create the same product and options over and over - we've built in product duplication to simply the whole process. We've taken it even further when it comes to duplicating products to other contexts with the click of a few buttons.

    Product Template Selection
    Sometimes products need a different layout from others, the best way to achieve this is to utilise MODX's template features. Each product has the option to select which template to use, providing even more flexibility to product themes.

    Built In Ticket Support
    Send us tickets directly from BLUcart! When you have an account with us, you'll be able to open and update tickets from within MODX itself. This all links in to your account area held within our website so you can access tickets there as well.

    Front end demo -

    Backend Demo -
    Username - blucartdemo
    Password - blucartdemo

    We're finalising a few things over the next couple weeks but we should be ready to finally launch BLUcart 1.0!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Awesome updates, @rossco!
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    BLUcart E-Commerce New Features & Improvements
    Over the past few months, we have improved and added a lot of new features to BLUcart that we believe provide a flexible e-commerce platform that is easily extended. We're going to get straight to the point and list the major updates and features that we feel are the most important to highlight.

    Back-End Updates
    Refactor Product Variants & Addons
    Product Duplication Across Contexts
    Product & Category Template Selection
    New Product & Category Options
    Class Based Hook System

    Front-End updates
    Behavior-UI Integration
    Bootstrap Themes Made Easy
    Simplified FoxyCart Integration

    Read More
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @rossco, sounds awesome!
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