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Opting out of insurance on an order

matt633matt633 Member
in Help edited April 2014
I'm looking for help regarding a customer request - they would like to have a handling percentage added to the order total (no problem) BUT they want to give the customer the option to "opt out". They will be using live shipping rates - I've read in places that there's no way to modify a live shipping rate, but wondering if you ever run into this before.

I'm looking to do something of this nature ( I know I've probably got a bunch of the wrapping functions incorrect, but I'm piecing this together from other posts):

<script type="text/javascript">
function updateMyShippingCost() {
// Grab current shipping cost (from live rates)
var shippingCost = FC.checkout.config.orderShipping;

// Update the shipping cost with the updated figures
FC.checkout.config.orderShipping = shippingCost;

if (jQuery("input[name='Insurance']").is(":checked")) {
shippingCost += 0.03 * amount;
else {
shippingCost += 0.0 * amount;

// set the custom function to run before the updatePriceDisplay function
FC.checkout.overload("updatePriceDisplay", "updateMyShippingCost", null);

Thanks for whatever advice you might have here.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It's definitely possible to achieve - but requires some javascript like you've realised.

    What you've got there should be fine - but with two modifications - you need to actually remove the handling fee from the shipping cost, rather than just adding 0 instead. Otherwise the customers will opt out but won't see the shipping cost drop.

    Also, instead of running it before "updatePriceDisplay", I'd recommend attaching your function as a change event handler to the checkbox, and actually calling "FC.checkout.updatePriceDisplay() at the end of your function.
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