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Integration Question

in Help edited December 2008
We are leaning towards using FoxyCart for use with our ModX site but have some questions re: integration issues which I'd like to get comfortable with first. Basically I want to know if we can work with FoxyCart to do what we want.

We have an existing web database program whereby we keep track of customers, software licenses, serial numbers, and product activations. I would like our site to work such that a user can purchase a software license using FoxyCart and have it interact with this web database. Thus, when a customer orders a software license, he gets a receipt from FoxyCart and, in addition, FoxyCart automatically communicates with the database program to trigger it to follow up the order with the serial number that applies to his license purchase. Does this sound reasonably do-able with FoxyCart without running into dead-ends? Is this where the XML datafeeds come in?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    That's exactly where the XML datafeed comes in. The XML contains everything from the transaction _except_ the CC#, date, and CSC. So you'd just point the XML to the location of your script, which would decrypt and process it accordingly.

    Make sense? If you're going to play with the XML make sure you check out the testing scripts here:
    That'll make your life a LOT easier.
  • Thanks for the quick reply Brett.

    Great, that's what I thought. I'll run this past our programmer first but I think we'll take the plunge. . .
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