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Coupon or discount codes for a specific item

mwkdesignmwkdesign Member
in Help edited April 2014
Hi! Is there a way to set up a coupon code that will only apply to a specific item in our store? The wiki says that it is possible to create coupons "By Product" or "By Category" But there is no explanation for how a discount "by product" is done. Would appreciate some advice if anyone knows.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry for the confusion there - there are a few different types of discounts that you can use. We have product level and category level discounts and coupons.

    Product level discounts are applied at the product level and apply to a single product only. These discounts are specified in the add to cart link or form.

    Category level discounts are set within the category settings in the admin, and are applied to all categories within that specific category.

    Coupons are also created within the administration, and are added by the customer in the cart (and also the checkout in our upcoming 2.0 version). Coupons can be limited only by categories at present - so it either applies to all categories or a set of specific categories. This means that to make a coupon apply to just one product, it needs to be set to a category that only that specific product is in.

    I hope that helps!
  • That's a huge help. I was looking all over the admin for a product-level discount with no luck. I will explore adding the discount code in the add-to-cart form html. Thanks!
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