One foxycart store fed by 2 separate urls ?

timconsidinetimconsidine Member
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I've suffered 2 hosting outages, and so I am considering implementing a continuity plan.

Domain A on Hosting A with website feeding foxcyart store
Duplicated website on Domain B on Hosting B, but feeding same foxycart store

Will this work ?

Obviously I will need to maintain both but don't consider this to be onerous after initial copying.
I don't envisage users being on both domains at same time, they would be on one or the other.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That should work fine - but you may run into some small issues, such as only being able to specify a single store URL for your FoxyCart store's settings.

    One thing you might consider instead of two completely distinct sites with different domains is setting up a DNS failover service so you have your website hosted in two different hosting environments, but a single domain that can point to either one. If you have a look on your search engine of choice you should find some that could work.

    I'm not sure of your exact situation - but it could also be as simple as finding a more reliable hosting solution.
  • Sadly my hosting just renewed for the year so slightly locked in :-(

    Yes, DNS failover is much more elegant and professional - I was in a "dark space" when thinking what to do. Will research that as preferred solution prior to my first thought.

    Thanks @fc_adam
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