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Extra Fields Sent to Foxycart API

in General edited May 2014
Quick question, how does Foxycart handle extra fields received that aren't supported in the Foxycart API? I am creating a bunch of custom user meta fields in Wordpress for my users when they login/register on our site and was planning to pass that info via SSO to the Foxycart API. Currently I'm planning to pass my entire user array and I am expecting that the ones that match the same name as the Foxycart API fields will update and Foxycart will simply ignore the fields they don't support. Is this correct? Also, is something happening to that extra data or is it simply going to be ignored as I expect?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The FoxyCart API will only accept the values it expects to receive, so anything else you pass should be ignored. That said though - I wouldn't recommend just throwing everything over and seeing what sticks - rather I'd suggest just sending over the information that is required for that specific instance. That way you'll avoid unexpected results or errors as you'd have a better idea of what's being passed where.
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