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LightCMS custom checkout page

bridge3196bridge3196 Member
in Help edited January 2009
Read through the LightCMS wiki, followed the instructions and was able to get the cart working perfectly. The issue I'm having is creating a checkout page that matches the site. Basically, I wanted to have the checkout within the main content area on the page, but it's not letting me and keeps giving me an error. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?
  • AdamWintleAdamWintle Member
    edited January 2009
    What sort of error are you getting?

    I have tried LightCMS a while back, but I will reinstall it on my server and test it with FoxyCart.

    Out of curiosity, have you ever tried MODx CMS, its free and I find its pretty much the best CMS when working with FoxyCart, they work really well together...

    Once I've had a closer look at the LightCMS I'll get back to you...
  • Haven't tried, but have read a lot about MODx CMS. The biggest problem I have is that I'm a designer. :) LightCMS has been great, clients love it and I don't have to worry about maintenance and all that other fun stuff.

    Not sure if I'm constructing the page wrong or if there's something else going on. It won't cache the page and when/if it does it says something like "Object has moved here" which links page to my 404 page on Light.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    LightCMS is great for designers, and they're a great company, so if you like it there's no need to change. My 2 cents, even though I am in love with MODx.

    Can you provide the URL (by whisper if you'd like) of the page you're trying to cache? LightCMS might not like the user-agent of our automagicache script.

    Worth knowing, also:
    I responded on your post on the LightCMS forums, but check the screencasts (2nd and 3rd):

    Also, you have to make sure you follow the instructions on the wiki exactly, particularly the bit about manually removing the <form> tag that wraps the entire page. That _will_ break the checkout.
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