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Showing shipping options on check-out page

AcalexAcalex Member
in Important News edited June 2014
Hello everybody, sorry if it might seems a stupid question but I am setting up my test shop today and cannot make the shipping option appear on checkout page.

I have enabled the custom shipping on the admin foxy chart page, but nowhere on the check-out I can see it. Am I missing something?
Thanks a lot

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Without seeing your store it's hard to know exactly - but one thing to check would be if you've enabled live rate shipping as the shipping method for your categories? You need to set it there as well if you want to provide the shipping options as you've selected on the shipping page.
  • AcalexAcalex Member
    Thanks a lot, indeed that's was my mistake. The only problem with that is that we do not provide shipping but home delivery. It is free after spending 60€ or more. How could I setup this? There is no weight involved as we mostly deliver bottles of wine.

    Thanks a lot for the great service you provide!
  • AcalexAcalex Member
    OK, I have actually setup flat rate shipping at 15€ and setup a discount based on the amount using the string 60-15. I called the discount Free delivery.

    Doing this I would like the total to be reduced of 15€ (the price of the delivery) if customers order 60 euro or more, is that correct?

    Thanks again
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That's correct - but the discount will only apply to the product price, rather than to the shipping. Customers will still see the shipping cost of $15.

    We have some snippets on our wiki for providing more customised shipping set ups. For what you're doing, you could look at the tiered flat rate shipping snippet to provide the correct shipping costs as required:
  • AcalexAcalex Member
    Yes, you are right, that would be a work-around but not a clean solution.
    I will look at the snippets on the wiki to see if I can come up with a more elegant solution to put the shipping costs at 0 after 60€ are reached.

    As an extra question, I can create also another category for home delivery?
    As my shipping rules are
    - If order is within Brussels and >60€ than Free delivery
    - If order is outside Brussels but still in Belgium and > 150€ than Free delivery

    Thanks a lot again
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Your best bet will be the tiered flat rate shipping snippet I mentioned - that will allow you to do any sort of custom shipping logic you need. You wouldn't be able to achieve the shipping rules you described there with inbuilt functionality at this point unfortunately.
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