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Subscriptions, Categories, and Coupon Codes

in Help edited June 2014
I currently have two products that are available to be ordered individually or through an auto-ship (subscription). They belong to the same category.

At first I only sold products individually and created discount codes for them as well to various websites. I like it this way because it gives people good incentives to get large orders and try the product for the first time.

I then added the auto-ship options under the same category...meaning the same category discounts and coupon codes still apply. This was all fine until recently one customer repeatedly keeps using old coupon codes for the auto-ship products (which are less expensive) and ends up buying the products for less than what I make them for.

If I want this to stop is it as easy as assigning a new category to the auto-ship products with their own category discounts? Or is there something else I need to do?
  • Also here's my store:
  • And also I'd like to have one flat-rate shipping for all orders at $6. If I have two categories does that mean one would be charged $12 shipping for an order with a regular product and autoship product?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you create a new coupon and add the subscription products to that - only the discounts and coupons that are valid for that category will apply. That wouldn't change the existing subscription though - you'd need to edit that subscription to change the category the product is attached to. That should make the coupon invalid on it's next renewal.

    In terms of the shipping, that's right - flat rate shipping would be applied per category. To have a single shipping charge, at present you'd need to make use of our javascript snippets - there is one on the wiki for setting a single flat rate shipping amount no matter the category:
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