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Using Purchase Order for Bank Transfers?

rocketsk8srocketsk8s Member
in Help edited June 2014
I can't find any visual examples of Purchase Orders to see how it works which is why I am here...

I'm trying to find the easiest way to process "offline" bank transfer. Could be something like this, but I'm open to the suggestions. Especially easy ones since I'd just like to launch a test quickly and then tweak.

  • User adds products
  • System displays Payment Options
  • User ticks Bank Transfer
  • System displays some kind of processing instructions like "Hey, go transfer funds to XYZ account. Then come back and copy and paste your confirmation number here."
  • User enters confirmation number
  • User clicks Finish
  • System sends user a receipt that says "Order will be shipped upon confirmation of bank transfer receipt"

Bam. Done.

Any examples of using purchase order at all or using FoxyCart for bank transfers for "offline" payment would be greatly appreciated.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That workflow you've detailed there could definitely work with Purchase Orders. The purchase order field is simply an open text input that the customer can type anything into, and once they've entered something (assuming the rest of the checkout is valid) they can checkout without having to provide any other payment methods.

    What you'd need to do in your workflow there is add your bank transfer details to the checkout - and you could do that using language strings in your stores FoxyCart administration, or by editing the raw template to add extra details to the purchase order field. More details on working with the twig templates here:

    Does that help? One other thing to note - the purchase order option is only available for stores with an active subscription - as otherwise stores could take live orders from customers without having an active subscription for their store. It makes it a little difficult to test - but if you leave working with the purchase order field to last, you can quickly test that functionality out before launching your store.
  • With the purchase order field, can you tell your customer what to enter? Like could you say, please re-enter your name for verification...and them entering their name would count as "anything"? I'll need to use this option but I don't want to confuse my customers.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You can really tackle it however you want - either require the customer to enter something, or enter something for them automatically using javascript. Take a look at this snippet for details on how to do that:
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