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Charging my client - % of sales

BamSockPowBamSockPow Member
in General edited June 2014
Hey Guys,

Some of my clients would interested in paying for my services by taking a percentage of online sales, basically incorporating all of the foxycart costs, hosting costs etc depending on performance..

The thing is I don't have time to go through and bill these clients individually/follow up on the payments.
Is there anyway to split payments upon collection or am I relegated to manual billing?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We don't have anything inbuilt that would facilitate this - but you could possibly look at adding an affiliate system onto those checkouts to track the amount of sales that a given store is making. We have a couple of integrations linked on our wiki, but if there is another affiliate system there's a high chance you'd be able to integrate that one instead:

    Other than that approach, your next best approach would be to use the API to run monthly reports on each store you manage to work out how many sales have been made and work out percentages that you require. You could then set that script up to also send out an invoice to your clients to facilitate payment automatically.

    If neither of these options work, your next best thing would be working through it manually.
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