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Multiple Stores - Single Customer ID?

rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
in Help edited July 2014
Hey guys,

My custom integration for MODX and FoxyCart - BLUcart is going to support multiple stores with one install of the MODX CMS and I'm having a slight issue on how to deal with FoxyCart customers effectively.

Basically in MODX, you have a single user list which means it's going to be difficult to allow multiple store fronts or multilingual support if we allow multiple stores with FoxyCart. The idea is one MODX context or store front might be a German store so in MODX the context is DE and all the products are translated for that language, then on the FoxyCart side we create the DE store but then if we add a Swedish store, how can we share the MODX user with SSO if each FoxyCart store uses a different customer id? Is there a way to have the same FoxyCart ID across different stores or is that just not possible?

The idea is that someone might want to buy something from the DE and SWE stores, obviously this will need to be 2 separate transactions but on the MODX side it's still the same user. We want each user to have order tracking, this could become a little painful with 2 different FC ids.

Have you came across this issue, if so how do you see it best being dealt with?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We haven't had this come up before that I'm aware of. Interesting issue though!

    So unfortunately it's not possible to have the same customer shared across distinct FoxyCart stores. Your best bet right now would be to use the API to actually create the customer within each different store, and then save each stores ID against the customer, like you could have fc_id_de and fc_id_se, and when you're referencing a given stores API, you use the respective ID. I know that's not perfect, but unfortunately it's probably the best way to tackle it.

    In the future, we'll be allowing you to set multiple languages and gateways per store - so you wouldn't need to create different stores to support different currencies/languages/gateways etc.
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