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Checkout form issues

fcvcfcvc Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited August 2014
Hello, we observed few issues on checkout page (where we enter credit card information) on iPhone:

Checkout page issues:
1. Expiration date and CVC field widths too small (in portrait mode) making data entry difficult.
2. Once red color error notification (such as invalid email address) comes, it would not go away even if the user corrects the error
3. Payment submit button is not working - keeps flashing three dots on the button and nothing happens. (this button worked earlier)

We are running v2.0 on test server. If any one else seen this please help if there is something wrong we are doing (we are absolute newbie to foxycart).

BTW what is whisper comment?
  • fcvcfcvc Member
    Item no. 3 (payment submit button) started working after trying out few things. Looks like some jquery issue? Not sure. However I would still like to get some feedback on items 1 and 2 related to field widths and error notifications not getting cleared. Thanks!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for your posting your findings.

    #1 is something we're actively working on at present as we continue to polish the new version, ensuring that the mobile experience is great. I'll pass on your feedback to the developer leading that charge.

    #2 we just noticed ourselves as well, and are digging into it as we speak.

    #3 is indeed a bug we just discovered from an update we rolled out today. We've just fixed it as you've noticed.

    BTW what is whisper comment?

    You can whisper a comment to someone which means that it's only visible to those people. To do that you select the "whisper" checkbox when you're typing a reply, and you then type their username into the text box that appears below it.
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