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Virtualmerchant Account Elavon Setup in Website Help!!

dagcondagcon Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited August 2014
Hello Guys,

I am a new comer here to find a solution I am having and sleepless nights for it.
Just got an account with Virtualmerchant Account with Elavon.
Now the problem is the setup is written is the support of the page pdf files is going up of my head. Can some angel kind of human being please help me setting up my account in my web page please ?
I want to integrate the customer payment form in my website so customers can pay directly from my website while typing there own details on the form and they also get the peace of mind.
Here is my site please have a look and tell me the process where I can simply set the page, Please Please Help !
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Just to confirm, are you trying to integrate FoxyCart into your website? If so - we have some examples of how add to cart links and forms can look on our website here: - and we have full documentation on all the add to cart parameters here:

    Once you have an add to cart working, you then also need to plug in your Virtual Merchant account details into the payments section of the FoxyCart administration to use that as your stores payment gateway.

    If you'd like some assistance in setting up FoxyCart for your store, we can whisper you some developers who are familiar with it and could work with you to do that.
  • @fc_adam , Sir,

    I am really newbie, the whole site made by me with the help of Webdesigner tool of Wordpress, I will really feel helped if you can set it up or tell me the way to the Virtual Merchant account. As you are saying Foxycart is like plugin for Wordpress ? So shall I download the plugin and find the way how to do it. I am really not knowledgeable with this HTML & CSS coding.

    As it's my own business and a small one which is about to run by my self, i just wanted that payment merchant to add in my website. Plz tell any process to add that customer form so the money cutomer pay directly hit in my Virtualmerchant account.

    Please !
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately we don't provide any work-for-hire services, but as I mentioned, we can recommend some developers who you could hire to work with you to set up your website as you'd like.

    FoxyCart is a service which is designed to make it easy for developers to integrate ecommerce into their websites - to allow merchants to sell any type of products they need. FoxyCart doesn't manage your website or products, but you'd use a system - like WordPress - to do that. What FoxyCart does is handle the checkout process - providing a secure and easy to use cart and checkout flow for customers, that plugs into a whole stack of payment gateways such as Virtual Merchant. We take care of securely sending the customer payment details to the gateway so you don't need to worry about PCI compliance and the security required when it comes to handling customers payment details.

    Perhaps it might be worth looking over some of these pages to give you an idea of what FoxyCart does - and if you'd like us to recommend some developers, we'd be more than happy to.
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