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offline processing & store URL structures

PolarisPolaris Member
in General edited January 2009

I thought I'd post this in the forums so we could have the discussion here.


Hi Paul.

FoxyCart handles domains in one of two ways.
1. The standard way is You could create 2 stores and have and

2. The "custom subdomain" way would be something like and Because we need a new SSL cert and IP address to do this, it costs $90/yr per domain. Yes there are cheaper certs, but please read this before you ask why:

At this point you can't use your own cert, since the certs need to be installed on our servers and using client provided certs has created more problems than they're worth.

FoxyCart doesn't use subfolders like you asked, but we believe the subdomain solution is better.

Thanks for contacting FoxyCart. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Guys,Looking for offline processing. We already do this in a kludgy way with a form that inserts to our mysgl db, and we have an ssl cert at the root. We are PCI compliant.We want and (diff clients) -- it looks like we could use "store" as a subdomain if necessary.Q: would our existing SSL cert work?Q: would foxycart support diff stores at the subfolder level?Thanks! -Paul
  • So here's my next question (and thanks for the quick reply): Since FoxyCart cannot use subfolders, can I create different store versions without running different installations?

    (I originally wanted: and domain/com/store2)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    "Installations" makes me wonder if we're on the same page. FoxyCart is a hosted service, so there's no "installations" per se.

    You can create as many sites as you want and all of them could add products (and checkout through) the same FoxyCart store/checkout, but you'd have to make sure that any template customizations you've done are generic enough to make sense for all your different stores.

    We do have plans to add multiple "template sets" (which you can vote for here:, which would allow you to have multiple templates / themes / languages / etc., per store, but it won't be here for a bit. In the meantime if you need multiple template sets you'll have to create multiple stores.
  • What I meant by "installation" is two plans.

    So it seems like I can have products from different stores on my site which add products to and checkout through the same FoxyCart store/checkout -- but the look and feel once in the cart would always be the same if I use one plan. And if achieving separate branding were necessary in each instance, I would need to wait for the "template sets" or I would need two plans.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ok, just wanted to confirm we were on the same page.

    Your understanding is correct. You could conceivably fake it by setting a hidden variable for which store, then reading that variable in the JSON and using javascript to rewrite some of the HTML to brand the cart, checkout, and receipt pages, but it'd likely be more trouble than it's worth (and you still have the emails and the domain to deal with).
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