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Is there a way to format the web printed receipt so it only prints out on 1 page. Please see my client email below. Thanks! - Kevin
"Is there any way you can control or modify the receipt that gets emailed
because it comes in a funky format and it takes 2 pages to print it. Even
the one that appears immediately after ordering when you hit print from the
website comes up as 2 pages"
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You sure can - you just need to include some print styles to alter what the content looks like when it is printed. We're including some print styles by default in 2.0 which will work to get a single page print as much as possible (obviously it's dictated by the number of products in the cart), but you can certainly do it yourself now with some print specific styles.
  • Ok Thank you. I am on 1.1, so I just need to update to 2.0 by updating my store?
  • I just checked, and 2.0 is BETA so will wait.
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