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Trust Seals (Verisign, Norton etc.)

PecanPecan Member
in General edited August 2014
Hey, I wondered if Foxycart have any plans, or if it is possible, to integrate any of the more well known Trust seal badges for our checkout pages.

The VeriSign and Secured by Norton trust seals have been proved to increase ecommerce conversions as these are more well known by the consumer. I understand that these can be bought and used but they come at a higher price than most.

Can the Foxycart team not make it so that this seal can be used for all of it's customers' sites, much like the DigiCert seal is currently available to use?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We link to the Digicert seal on our wiki because our SSL certificates are actually provided by Digicert. So those site seal trust logos are essentially proving how the page is secured if you chose to display them.

    You could technically edit your templates to display other seals - but ultimately those may not actually be a true representation of how your page is being protected.

    FWIW - in 2.0 we'll be including a small secure checkout note at the bottom of the default template - which will display some notes on how the page is secured - such as level 1 PCI compliance and Digicert certificate.
  • @fc_adam,

    The inclusion of the added PCI compliance info in version 2.0 will be a great addition. It's a shame that you guys don't use Norton for your SSL certificates at the moment as, as far as I can tell, it is regarded as the industry leader and would almost certainly increase the conversion rates of Foxy checkout users.

    Being able to display their trust seal on my checkout would be great and if this were included in the Foxycart package - even better.

    Something for the future?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We approach the conversion benefit of trust seals pretty skeptically. Everybody claims their seal boosts conversions, but there's some interesting research suggesting that's not the case (at very least).

    Verisign used to have a fantastic trust seal, but they also didn't offer true wildcard certs. The cost for us to get a "wildcard" would have been more than what we actually charge for FoxyCart service in the first place, and it would have been impossible to manage. Now that Verisign / Symantec / Norton are all the same company and they've phased out the Verisign logo, it looks like they might have changed that (which would be good), but personally I don't think the Norton logo has the same recognition as the older Verisign logo used to have. I could be wrong, of course :)

    At this point, if you want a specific trust logo and it's worth it to you, we do allow you to provide your own cert. We charge more for it, because it's much more manual effort on our end, and if you go that route my hunch is that getting an EV cert would probably be a bigger boost than a specific logo, but that'd be a really interesting test to attempt. (And going with an EV cert with the Norton logo will set you back $1000 on their end, so that's always fun :)

    We're excited about what we'll have in 2.0, though. Hopefully that'll get you what you're after, even if it doesn't include the specific logo you'd like :)
  • Thanks for the explanation Brett. It's not something I want to drop serious amounts of money on at this moment, especially with not trying out 2.0 yet (apart from setting up a test store - which looks great by the way :))

    I'll wait and see what kind of Trust seals are inputted into the checkout flow by default when 2.0 goes live. It's just that I don't have any trust seal on my checkout page currently but I don't want to start reconfiguring templates with 2.0 just around the corner (hopefully?).

  • Hey guys, has there been any developments in the trust seal department?

    2.0 has been live for a while now and the checkout page is still devoid of any sort of Trust seal to help increase conversions.

    Any thoughts?
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team

    Here's a guide for placing a DigiCert seal in your cart and checkout. Would this work?
  • Cheers Roman, I'll take a look into that. I used to use the DigiCert logo on the older version of Foxy. I'm surprised you guys don't include this in the checkout template by default. Surely a good majority of buyers look for 'feel good' badges like this during the purchasing process.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    While we don't include it by default - you can certainly include any trust seals you prefer. We decided to leave it up to the store what badges, if any, they wanted to include based on their target market and business set up.
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