Cart quantity selection AND checkout on same page?

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Hi there,

I am doing some work for a client and am trying to design an order page using FoxyCart's capabilities. I am still in testing mode and am not live yet so this is not for a live site that I can point anyone too just yet.

Ideally this is what I would like to set up for my client but I am wondering if it's possible to do this with FoxyCart.

1. Potential customer clicks on a menu item called "Order" (to order the product).
2. When they click on the Order menu option, a page appears that contains both a cart type functionality where they can indicate how many of the product to order AND all the rest of the fields that the normal FoxyCart checkout page has on it. There is no separate cart and checkout. It's all rolled into one page.
3. Customer clicks through to confirm payment with PayPal just as they do from a normal FoxyCart checkout page.

If a customer changes their mind about the quantity being ordered they can simply go to the top of the page and change the quantity in the entry field for quantity. As soon as they leave that field, page Javascript will update the shipping and whatever else needs to be updated on the ONE page. Or they can start the page over again by hitting the Order menu option afresh.

Ideally I want to be able to make this page look like part of the site and not make the redirection to a FoxyCart looking page be so obvious.

I want to do it this way to simplify things for potential customers where they do not have to go to a cart first and then a checkout page and to make it so that it looks like everything is being done on the site.

The site only has ONE product (with no options that need to be selected) so there really is no need for a separate cart functionality.

That's what I have in mind but if anyone can think of a better way to do this (making it as simple as possible for potential customers) I am all ears.

If the above seems like the best way to do this...can this be done through FoxyCart?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It's not possible to access the checkout without a product present in the cart - the checkout will load with an error in that instance.

    You mentioned that the store only has one product though - in that case, you could set up your store link as essentially an add to cart link to add one of the products to the cart. That way - the checkout will load with a product already in the cart.

    You can then control the look of the checkout template to completely match the store design.
  • Hmm...thanks for the input Adam.

    I can see the benefit of bypassing the cart and going to the checkout directly but I am curious...

    From your experience vantage people tend to change their mind about the quantity ordered AFTER they start the checkout?

    I am concerned about checkout abandonment if half way through entry of checkout fields they change their mind about quantity ordered and abandon the sale entirely when they find out that they can't change the quantity without starting the process over again.

    Perhaps that's not something that happens often enough to be concerned about. Don't know.

  • Also...would it not be possible to add a custom field to the checkout page that represents the quantity being ordered and then to tie some JavaScript to that field such that any change to it would update the checkout to reflect any change in quantity, without having to reload the checkout page entirely and start it over?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    From your experience vantage people tend to change their mind about the quantity ordered AFTER they start the checkout?

    With 2.0 (which we've just released) customers can edit the cart from the checkout - so no issues there at all.
  • Since the client's install would be using the latest FoxyCart...good to hear. I'll play around with it then to see what I can do with it. Thanks again for your input Adam.

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