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difficulty customizing sidecart in 2.0

dustystringsdustystrings Member
in Help edited September 2014
I'm having a funny problem with my attempts to customize the sidecart by adding css to the custom header field in the Admin configuration settings. Yesterday (due to a different issue) the sidecart was not showing and it was sending me to the full cart instead, so I worked on that instead, and changes were visible immediately. Today I fixed the other issue, and the sidecart is now working and showing the css from yesterday. But today, nothing that I add to or remove from the custom header field has any impact on the sidecart.

For example, I added this yesterday to the full page cart:

#fc .fc-sidebar {
background-color: #fffde9;
border-left: 1px dashed #d6bf8d;

then today I realized the border looks terrible with the sidecart, so I removed the border styling. It's gone from the full-page cart but it's still showing on the sidecart. I've cleared every cache I can think of, tried it in a different browser, logged out of and in to everything...

Css added to my main site stylesheet does affect the sidecart, but it often takes an !important tag to override the fc styling. It seems messy that way. Is this a bug, or is there a different way I should be approaching customizing the sidecart as opposed to the full cart/checkout etc.?

Also, the documentation mentions being able to choose using the full-page cart instead of the sidecart, but I haven't found an obvious way to make that choice.

Here's my test page url:

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm not seeing that style there now - did you manage to get that fixed on your side?
    Also, the documentation mentions being able to choose using the full-page cart instead of the sidecart, but I haven't found an obvious way to make that choice.

    Yes - it's a known issue that that is missing currently. We'll be hopefully getting the set up for that added in the next couple days.
  • You are right that it's gone now. How strange. Perhaps something along the way was just cranky and wanted to hold onto old information for a day.

    In any case, it looks like new styles are now taking effect after I clear my site and browser caches, so that's an improvement! Sorry to bother you!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No bother at all! Let us know if you run into any other issues.
  • I've run into another one, although feel free to wait until after the weekend to look at it, because chances are it will fix itself by then. :-)

    But just in case it's something you should know about, several href links in the sidecart have gone wonky. Where they used to start with //, they now start with \/\/. For example, the proceed to checkout button now points here: https:\/\/, and, predictably, returns a server not found response.

    The same thing has happened to my google fonts link. And it's only the sidecart. Everything is normal on the full-page cart.

    Unfortunately I can't remember for sure if it was working normally this morning, but it was definitely working normally on Tuesday.

    The url in the first post is still good.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for sending over those details. We'll take a look at that issue and get back to you soon!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We've just rolled out a fix for this - you shouldn't be seeing it anymore.
  • It looks great now, thanks!
  • I hate to bring this up again, but the original issue in this thread is back.

    When I add or change css in the FoxyCart admin custom header fieldd, it does not update in the sidecart, even though it does in the full page cart. Since it fixed itself last time this happened, I waited an extra day to see if it just takes a long time, but the sidecart still hasn't updated. I've cleared my site cache and browser cache and everything else I can think of.

    Test store domain:

    An easy thing to look at would be the <h2>Your Cart</h2>, which should be red according to my custom header css (color: #a31e22) but is still showing the old cream color (color: #f6e0af). It's not being overridden, it's just not finding the current css for some reason.

    Any thoughts on what might be going on?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No troubles at all - if there is a caching issue somewhere, we definitely want to find that one!

    That said, looking at your page right now, it's showing as the red. Do you see that now too?
  • @fc_adam,

    No, I'm still seeing cream text. The brown background should be gone as well, but it's not.


    If you're seeing red text and cream background under "your cart" then it looks like it might be something on my end.
  • Okay, I guess it was me... Clearing ALL browser history (cookies, cache, etc.), closing the browser, and refreshing the page with ctrl+shift+r did not work in either Firefox or Chrome. For three days. But I just tried refreshing with F5 on a whim, and it did the trick immediately. So I guess I learned something!
  • Apparently I spoke too soon. Maybe the F5 refresh was just a lucky coincidence, because it's not working now (and neither is anything else). Or maybe the solution is to wait three days and then F5...

    Just for kicks, I changed the sidecart <h2> from red to blue just now, and once again I cannot for the life of me get the current css to show. I even emailed the link to a friend, but theirs is still showing red instead of blue also, meaning that at least it's not just me.

    I'm not sure what it means that every time you check from where you are, it loads the current css. Feel free to tell me if you think this has nothing to do with FoxyCart, and I will seek assistance elsewhere!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Looking at the page right now, this is what I see:

    Considering you and your friend is seeing this issue, there is definitely something going wrong. We just need to work out what. I'm going to ask some other team members to take a look too and see if they can see anything I'm missing.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @dustystrings, could you try clearing your localStorage (the fc_cart_config item) but _not_ your cache or cookies and reloading? You can get at the localStorage in the Resources tab in Chrome dev tools. Does that help?
  • @brett,

    I'm still seeing a red "Your Cart" instead of blue, so it didn't fix itself over the weekend like it has before.

    I tried deleting the fc_cart_config item, then reloaded, but it's still not showing the blue. Just for kicks, I deleted it again, then did a hard reload, but no luck. And then for more kicks, I did try clearing the browser cache and the CMS cache and reloading, but still no luck.

    It occurred to me that Cloudflare could be the culprit. I have it in development mode, so it shouldn't be caching anything, and it wouldn't explain why you guys see the current version and I see the old version... Just in case, I tried disabling Cloudflare completely, but that didn't help either, unless it takes a while to actually take effect. But maybe there's something I don't know about how Cloudflare works that is somehow getting in the way.

    Sorry this is such a mystery. I wish I had a little more knowledge and could help more! I did just send the link to a couple other friends who haven't seen it before to see if I can gather any more data, so I'll let you know if they get back to me.
  • It appears that one friend sees the old red heading and two other friends see the new blue. Everyone else here at work (we're all on the same network) sees red.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @dustystrings, could you pop open the "net" tab in your dev tools and find the "responsive_styles.1409597974.css" file? What I'm curious about is what number you're seeing before the .js bit. Load it up in a tab, copy it out into your editor, then increment the number by 1 and copy that new response into an editor. Then diff them (if you can). Alternately, take the 2nd copy and paste it over that resource in the resources tab and see if it changes the sidecart display.

    When you mentioned CloudFlare I thought that'd for sure be it, but I don't think it could possibly be.

    Alternately, call us up (phone number hidden by a link at and get me on the line during business hours. The only thing that'd make sense here is that the CDN cache purge isn't triggering as it should. If we can test it live, we should be able to diagnose exactly what's going on.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    A quick follow up to brett's last reply - if you're still seeing the wrong cached styles - could you try enabling the 'custom colors' configuration option, save the settings and then turn it off and save again - and see if you get the right styles then?

    We're currently testing some changes to when we clear the cache - but the colour setting is one sure way right now to trigger that.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    In case we forget to update this thread, I'll leave this note: We're currently testing a change that'll ensure the cache clearing happens every time. The reason it wasn't clearing is because changing the custom header/footer code wasn't triggering a CDN cache purge when it should have been.

    Thanks @dustystrings for helping us figure this out!
  • Thanks guys! For now, the suggestion to trigger the cache purge by turning on and then off the custom colors setting is working. Probably not the ultimate solution you're hoping for, but it's pretty quick and easy, all things considered.
  • @fc_adam Did you guys make any mods to FoxyCart's js file? The issue I was having with the ScrollIt script no longer occurs. :)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Yep! We rolled out some changes last week that had some big changes with out Sidecart is added to the page. Glad that fixed your issue too.
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