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Cybersource Secure Acceptance Upgrade Notice

I'm fairly sure this will not be an issue, but I told our client we would investigate. Can FoxyCart confirm that the " (Payment Tokenization)" gateway uses the newer "Secure Acceptance method" for the supported integration and not the "Hosted Order Page/Silent Order Post" method? The latter is being deprecated at the end of the month. Entire notification is below:

"We just wanted to remind you that our Hosted Order Page/Silent Order Post connection methods are being discontinued on September 30th of this year. To make sure you are able to continue to accept payments on your website without interruption, you will need to migrate over to our new Secure Acceptance connection method.

Here is the link for our Secure Acceptance Migration Resource Center. If you have any questions about enabling Secure Acceptance, or migrating from the Hosted Order Page/ Silent Order Post, please contact CyberSource Support at 866-501-7958."
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